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Pro Multi-format Digital Transcoding

Mastering Deliverables in all digital file workflow

Our on-site, enterprise level encoding service allows for cutting rooms and post facilities to perform automated, efficient, highly customizable encoding processes. Originally developed in 2009 with the intention of automating and accelerating the file-based QuickTime turnover process required in Feature Film and Episodic Editorial environments, while providing additional granular security features via customized watermarking. This on-site service offering has grown to provide highly efficient processing for Digital Dailies pipelines, Digital Intermediate Workflows, and Final Deliverables. It continues to be implemented by many major feature film and episodic television clients, scaling efficiently with their evolving requirements.

Duplication and Deliverables

High Def / Standard Def / Conversions / Replication / High Speed Uploads

We are your source for high-speed deliveries. We can take any file format and upload it to secure servers anywhere in the world. Call us for pricing. At Lightning, we have always been committed to exceptional customer service, quality control, and a “lightning fast” turnaround. Lightning Media features the most reliable equipment available. Our account executives can help you figure out what your needs are and how to make your project happen. Lightning has more than a decades of experience and can handle deliverables, conversions or transcoding of any format. If you are a student working on your first project, an entrepreneur making instructional videos to include with your product, a corporation getting out your marketing campaign or a studio launching your next major release, Lightning Media will work with you to make your project a reality. Lightning Media offers superior performance in our workflow and processing. Lightning Media can help you every step of the way when making hundreds or even thousands of copies of CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray. From creating deliverables to authoring DVD or Blu-ray's, your program is formatted just the way you need it to be.

Please call 323.462.2300 for pricing information.

Digital Cinema Deliveries

DCP / film mastering / Conforming / Title Design

Our state of the art DI process will transform your film offline to a Digital Cinema ready feature. Our team has the industry leading tools to conform, color correct and finish your film in every resolution including 3D! We can master and playback DCI compliant DCP's and even host a screening in our beautiful 'Cahuenga Theater'.

DVD and Blu-ray Mastering

Design / Encode / Author / Replication

At Lightning Media we can design your DVD or Blu-ray title with studio level quality using the highest end encoding and authoring solutions available. We can customize your title to deliver the right concept with the ideal presentation. Our encoding services are the highest level available, and can dramatically impact your title with quality. We can duplicate (small runs) or replicate your title in larger quantities in quick turn around. Call us today for your quote. Need a screener of your title for festivals or marketing? We can provide the quality you need, at a price you can afford.

Post Start2Finish

    We are your ally in the dynamic and challenging landscape of post production.

  • All file based workflows
  • Avid Symphony
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Resolve
  • NuCoda Film Master
  • Adobe Master Suite
  • Blu-ray Mastering
  • DVD Mastering
  • Captioning
  • Transcoding
  • High Speed file transfers
  • Duplication
  • Audio mastering
  • Vaulting
  • Much, Much more...

Legacy Formats

At Lightning Media we have legacy tape machines and we can update your obsolete format and transfer it to a file and current tape format with the quality and assurance needed for future-proofing your asset. We can transfer, migrate and/or update your asset at a low cost and ideal time frame. Data Back up? Yes, we can back up your data files to LTO 4 or 5, or even migrate legacy data formats to current back up solutions. Give up a call and we'll provide you with a solution that best fits your situation.

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