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Our Facilities

Lightning Media continues in the tradition of The Post Group, the legendary facility it acquired in 2005. The Post Group collaborated on the editorial and VFX finishing of such shows as Max Headroom, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Star Trek, the Next Generation and the mini-series, Lonesome Dove. In recent years, The Post Group provided finishing services to TV series such as House, CSI and the Law & Order franchise. Lightning added Runway, a nonlinear systems rental company, to its portfolio in 2006, establishing them at Lightning’s Vine Street location. Then, in 2009, Lightning moved its main facility from Homewood Avenue to a totally renovated structure, its current home at 1415 Cahuenga Boulevard.

Who We Service

We have a long history of service in the entertainment industry. From our traditional Post Production roots, we have a invested understanding of digital workflows. Lightning Media’s current focus is on supplying its customers with scalable, file-centric end-to end-solutions, from industry-specific, conveniently located real-estate through to the deliverable and distribution stage.

Our clients include:

  • Major Studios
  • Broadcast Networks
  • Corporate Media
  • Independent Studios
  • Distribution
  • Independent Producers
  • Independent Editors
  • Home users

Partner Info

Avid, Final Cut, Resolve, name it Runway can provide you with a system needed to edit and create your project here including support and project planning. Since their inception, each of Runway’s proprietary solutions have experienced successful adoption and have grown over the last several years to scale with the evolving needs of many of our Feature Film and Episodic clients, including: • HBO • Marvel Studios • CBS Television • Annapurna Pictures • Universal Pictures • Voltage • Lion’s Gate Television • Warner Bros Pictures • The Weinstein Company • WB Television • Legendary Pictures

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