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Lightning Media

Phone: (323) 957-9255
Email: info@lightningmedia.com

#1 In Customer Service

Known since 1990 for our commitment to high standards in customer service and quality, Lightning Media continues to provide our customers with exceptional service in all areas of Deliverables. From Film, High Definition or Standard Definition, Data Management to digital delivery and beyond, our experienced and friendly staff offer excellent customer service as well as solid current technical expertise. In keeping up with emerging technology, there are now many ways to get your content to Lightning Media and your deliverables to your destination fast, efficiently and friendly. From tape, camera, hard drive, ftp, digital file and more Lightning Media can meet the needs for a wide array of digital requirements.

Customer Service


Lighting Media provides comprehensive and leading-edge post production services to a diverse group of media and entertainment clients. Our team creates a superior product, prices it competitively and, produces it in our state-of-the-art environment in our Hollywood headquarters-or in close proximity to your location. As a long established facility, with a 39 year history of offering the full spectrum of these services across all content genres, we remain committed to delivering the most innovative and functionally elegant toolset to our clients, supported by an experienced and accessible technical, creative and administrative staff. These include industry-standard systems and platforms augmented by proprietary solutions developed in-house and in response to the latest developments in post-production hardware, software and emerging workflows. The result is an unrivaled suite of offerings for completing content that is practical, fast, client-friendly and cost-sensitive.



Since 1992, Runway, our partner company, has been a leading provider of editing systems, integrated solutions and technical support services for over 1000 successful features and television series. Runway is our ally in emerging technology and workflow solutions. Through Runway, we have developed transparent and seamless digital workflows to empower our clients who are confronting this sea change in the production, post-production and distribution pipelines, especially for television product. This is an especially relevant initiative for post production (both long and short form) as the content creation and distribution apparatus continues to migrate to an increasingly digital and on-demand platform.